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View of Kreschatik from the Bessarabian Square at the end of 19th century. Kiev
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View of Kreschatik from the Bessarabian Square at the end of 19th  century. Kiev
Wednesday, 06 July 2022


Must-see in Ukraine > Donetsk is waiting for science-fiction writers in July

The conference of science-fiction writers "Via Lactea" will be held in Donetsk on July 15-17 (Fantlab-2011).

Famous writers from Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk and Lugansk will take part in the conference. Henry Lion Oldie (Oleg Ladyzhenskiy and Dmitriy Gromov), recognized as the best science-fiction writer of Europe by the convention “Eurocon-2006”, Vitaliy Zabirko, the laureate of the all-Ukrainian Prize “Via Lactea” and the international award “Bronze Ikar”, Fedor Berezin, the laureate of numerous international literary awards, the only science-fiction writer in Ukraine, awarded with “Moon Rainbow” award and other great writers will be among participants of the conference.

 Presentations of Donetsk club of fantasy-admirers “Wanderer” (acquaintance with Donetsk fantasy writers), all-Ukrainian organization of fantasy-fans “Wolf” with participation of Irakliy Vakhtangashvili (Kiev), the publishing house “Shiko” (Lugansk), the publishing house “Snowball M” (Donetsk), will be run during the conference. 

Review of literature of the publishing houses, represented at the conference, will be prepared.

Events of the conference will be conducted in the lecture hall and the literary salon of Donetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Krupskaya.

According to “PRO” Agency