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Sidorov town, Castle of 17 century. Ternopil region.
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Sidorov town, Castle of 17 century. Ternopil region.
Wednesday, 06 July 2022


Must-see in Ukraine > Kiev is ready to accept about 30 thousand football fans during EURO 2012

The Deputy Chairman of Kiev City State Administration Anatoliy Golubchenko said that Kiev was ready to provide football fans with accommodation.

  “We have received the minimal UEFA requirements – 17900 seats, until the appropriate draw ceremony is hold in November. But we are guided by the figure 30000 and further changes will be made only after the draw ceremony” – Golubchenko mentioned. He also added that Kiev was to cope with the task of preparing accommodation for EURO 2012 fans.

It should be mentioned, that, according to the most conservative estimates, over 100 thousand fans will visit the capital during the Championship. The capital is preparing alternative variants of accommodation of football fans for their arrival: hostels, private apartments and encampments. 

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