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Chatzky\'s head rock known as unofficial symbol of Zhitomir
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Chatzky\'s head rock known as unofficial symbol of Zhitomir
Tuesday, 16 August 2022


Must-see in Ukraine > The full program of celebration of Kiev Day

On May 26-29 residents of Kiev and guests of the capital are going to see fashion shows on Kreschatik, fireworks show with laser special effects over the Dnieper, strong men all-round events tournament, cycle racing, beach volley-ball and kickboxing contests. Festival of kiteflying will be held in Pirogovo.

The best representatives of Ukrainian capital in the sphere of literature, cinema art, musical composition, theatrical and visual art, journalism and folk decorative art will be awarded the art prize “Kiev” by the city authorities on March 26. Presentation of the event “Kiev Artists – to Native City” will be held on this day in the building of the Kiev City Hall.

On May 27 opening of “Kiev Fashion Park” will be held on Peyzazhnaya Alley. It will be the first Ukrainian park of modern sculptures and installations. In particular, interesting creative projects of young Ukrainian artists will be represented there.

Fans of reading will enjoy the international festival – fair “Book Arsenal” – a literary festival of new format. About a hundred of the best Ukrainian and foreign publishing houses will participate in it, wide literary, musical and children`s programs will be represented. Kiev day, dedicated to the most interesting editions about Kiev and urbanistic literature, will become a separate thematic day of the festival (Art Complex “Mystetskiy Arsenal, May 27-31).

 “Folklore – Artistic Festival on the Dnieper Hills” will be held during two days, May 28-29. It will be a festival of family recreation, representing variety of folk art and national traditions of Ukraine and nationalities, living in Kiev. The program includes: festival of choir art “Song over the Dnieper” and the festival “Kiev Theatrical Spring”.

The metropolitan art gallery “Lavra” will represent the festival of urban culture “I love Kiev”, which will unite art exhibitions, cinema demonstrations, concerts and a number of projects of original combination of street and traditional art.

“Kiev Musical Summer Evenings” will start on the stage of the city garden of the Central park of Culture and Recreation at 6 p.m. They will include parade of brass bands, concerts of the best Ukrainian collectives and soloists, who are well-known not only in their native country, but also abroad.

Saturday, May 28, will be opened with the Parade of bicyclists. After meeting on European Square at 9 a.m. participants of the parade will ride on the route: European Square – Kreschatik – Krasnoarmeyskaya Street – Lva Tolstogo Square – Vladimirskaya Street – Mikhailovskaya Square. After that, from 11 a.m., international competition in bicycling on highway (to Lva Tolstogo Street and backwards) starts from Independence Square.

City tournament in sailing regatta starts on Obolon Embankment and an open city tournament in beach volley-ball will be run in Hydropark.

Carnival of children`s art with participation of pupils of art and sport clubs, who will walk as a festive procession and show their skills, will take place by the Kiev City State Administration from 11 a.m. till 01 p.m.

International tournament in strong men all-round events “The strongest in the world” will start on Sophia`s Square at 12.00 p.m. Master class in visual art “ I Paint Kiev” will be held in Shevchenko Park,  the Singing Field will host International Charitable Festival of Children`s and Youth art “ Sunny Chestnut” and the city contest among graduates “Kiev Waltz”.

Kiev open festival of kiteflying (from 11 a.m. till 5p.m.) in the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Pirogovo) is expecting those, who want to spend the holiday weekend closer to nature and historic roots.

Creative event “How not to love you, my Kiev” is planned to be held at 7 p.m. on May 28. At the same time the grand ceremony of celebration in honor of nominees of the “Stars Square” will be conducted in “Passage”.

Sunday, May 29, will be opened with the 19th charitable track and field race “Under Chestnut Trees” (starts from Independence Square at 8.30 a.m.) and an international competition in bicycling on highway will continue from Grinchenko Street from 10 a.m.

An international tournament in kickboxing will start by the Arch of Peoples` Friendship at 11 a.m. and an open championship in roller- marathon on Independence Square - at 12 p.m. From 4 p.m. till 9 p.m. the best artistic amateur collectives of different districts of the city will give performance on Independence Square with the festive concert program “We cherish you in songs, our Kiev”.

At the same time, from 5 till 7 p.m. the final of the 12th all-Ukrainian contest “Fashion Seasons – Glance into the Future” in the framework of “Kiev Fashion Week” will be held. A stage of big size, where achievements of both young and famous Ukrainian designers will be demonstrated, is planned to be set right in the heart of the capital.

Ceremonial opening of the memorable plaque in honor of the famous master- jeweler of the 19th – 20th centuries G. K. Faberge will be run in “Passage” on Kreschatik on the same day.

Celebration of Kiev Day will be finished by fireworks show with laser effects over the Dnieper - fascinating show with bright light and sound combinations, various pyrotechnic means with participation of pyrotechnic teams from Ukraine and Europe - participants of international festivals (from 9 p.m. till 11 p.m., Naberezhno- Kreschatitskaya Street, by the Riverside station, May 29).