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The general view of the Lavra at the beginning of the 20th century. Kiev
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The general view of the Lavra at the beginning of the 20th  century. Kiev
Tuesday, 16 August 2022


Must-see in Ukraine > A walking 10 - kilometer- long touristic route will appear in Kiev

Residents and guests of Kiev will get the renewed Dnieper embankment and 10- kilometer- long walking touristic route with bicycle tracks by Euro 2012.

This architectural solution was suggested by the team of specialists from Columbia, who won the international architectural tender “Equipment of the Central Part of Kiev with services and utilities by “EURO 2012”. According to the press service of Kiev City Council, now the company has privileged right to determine principles of development of this territory in the capital of Ukraine by EURO 2012 and after it.

According to the architects` project, by EURO 2012 there will appear pedestrian bridges over the Dnieper, which will be set on piers, placed at equal intervals. So, it will be possible to reach the river without interrupting traffic along main roads. Along with equipment of the embankment, the 10- kilometer- long walking route along the river will be equipped by EURO 2012. “Land art” objects will be placed and modern architectural construction will be set on the route.

Besides, temporary pavilions will be set on Kontraktova Square and observation points – on Poshtova Square. A designer park will be created on Arsenalnaya Square. It will become the exhibition area for innovatory urban furniture and advertising of Ukrainian design. During EURO 2012 European Square will be temporarily turned into a traffic-free zone of art installations.

According to the project, it is stipulated to create area for leisure and entertainment, equip concert grounds and cafes, set on pontoons, right on water of the Dnieper. Over the whole length of the 10- kilometer- long route there will be conditions for movement of cyclists and disabled persons (width of the track will be not less than 6 meters.