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Lubart`s Castle, 13th century, Lutsk, Volyn region
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Lubart`s Castle, 13th century, Lutsk, Volyn region
Wednesday, 01 December 2021


Kyiv city tours > The history of Jewish community in Kyiv


Bessarabskiy market

The central synagogue

The main building of Kiev Polytechnic Institute

The history of Jewish community of Kiev is the integral part of the history of the capital city of Ukraine. The influence of Jewish community can be traced in many spheres of city life of Kiev.There was a lot of Jewish praying houses and educational establishments in Kiev.

Many prominent Jewish personalities had something in common with Kiev. Golda Meir and Efraim Katsir were born in Kiev. Sholom-Aleykhem wrote his masterpieces in Kiev. Isaac Babel studied in Kiev. Ilya Erenburg and Joseph Mandelstam lived in Kiev.

The Jewish donators supported the construction of Bessarabsky market, Kievan Polytechnic Institute and many other public buildings. Unfortunately during World War II Kiev was the scene of mass execution of Jews in Baby Yar.

Join our tour and you will learn about the history of Kievan Jews as well as about the modern life of Jewish community in Kiev as the visit to the Central synagogue is included in our tour too. 


Here is some useful information:  

  • The tour is 3 hours tour.
  • Our English, Hebrew, German speaking guides are at your service. All our guides are high qualified licensed tour guides.
  • You can order your private tour any time. We can provide you with transportation service too. 


In Babiy Yar

In the synagogue

at the Jewish cemetry


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The history of Jewish community in Kyiv


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