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Zolochiv castle. Lvov region
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Zolochiv castle. Lvov region
Thursday, 20 January 2022


One day trip > The ancient fortresses around Kiev


Zmievy (Big Snake) ramparts nearby Vyshgorod.

Saint Boris and Saint Gleb

10th century kiln in Pottery Museum

We invite you to visit the surrounding Kiev fortresses. Once there were big and mighty towns located around Kiev. All of them has been glorified in history of Kievan Rus. They are Vyshgorod, Belogorodka (Belgorod) and Vasylkiv. There are monuments of antiquity in any mentioned town. During the tour you will hear about Slav fortresses. You will hear also about the more ancient times. Then Scythian settlements were located around the modern Ukrainian capital.

Vyshgorod is actually the northern suburb of the capital of Ukraine. It’s a satellite town of Kiev. Vyshgorod is unique town in its historical aura. It was founded at the same time as Kiev. Vyshgorod was known as the seat of the most famous rulers of Kievan Rus. The relics of the first Russian saints were venerated there. There are traces of battles in different epochs and of the era of industrialization in Vyshgorod.
Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir (he introduced the Christianity for Kievan Rus) lived there for some time. His son Yaroslav the Wise composed some of his laws there. The first Russian saints Boris and Gleb were buried there too. The area of the fortifications of the old Vyshgorod is more than 4 hectares. There is the St. Boris and St. Gleb church there. The church was destroyed in 1943. It has been rebuilt recently. There is a pottery museum in Vyshgorod.  This is the only one pottery museum in Kiev region.

Belogorodka is one of the largest ancient settlements in the vicinity of Kiev. Its area is 100 hectares big area. There are the remains of some stone temples there.  There are some burial sites of Kievan Rus nobility there. The first Russian archeologists excavated the area. There are ancient ramparts there. In days of Stalin a network of bunkers was constructed in the ramparts. That was one of the objects of Stalin’s defense line. The site is known as an adit. The first Ukrainian horror movie with the same name was shot there.

Vasilkov is an ancient town in Kyiv Region. It was established in the same year as Christianity was introduced in Russia (988). Once it was an important fortress defending the southern approaches to Kiev. After one of the Russian-Polish wars Vasilkov was known as the border town bordering on Catholic world. You will visit the magnificent St. Anthony and St. Theodosius Cathedral built in1750s. The Cathedral was built by S. Kovner, the constructor of the grand bell tower in Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Theodosius known as one of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra founders was born in Vasilkov. There are many interesting sites such as St. Theodosius’ well, St. Nicholas’ Church, Nativity Church, Scythian burial mounds and the former building of the Chernigov Regiment Office. In January 1826 the center of the Southern Decembrist uprising was in Vasilkov. That was the biggest  armed uprising against the tsarist empire in the 19th  century.

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Adit entrance in Belogorodka

Monument to Decembrists in Vasilkov

St.Anthony’s and St. Theodosius’ Cathedral in Vasilkov

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The ancient fortresses around Kiev


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