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Genoese fortress in the 14th century. The Black Sea. Sudak, Crimea
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Genoese fortress in the 14th century. The Black Sea. Sudak, Crimea
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > Trip to Chernobyl, Pripyat.



Prime Excursion Bureau LTD is an official contractor to operate trips to Chernobyl. It is a direct service provider since 2007.



Number of Visitors

Cost US$ per person


Four 200
Three 245
Two 275
One 480

You are going to visit the "ghost town" situated in the zone of the largest nuclear disaster in the history of the modern humanity. It is your chance to feel yourself a character of some computer game. The "Zone" attracts and repels. You will see the "Red Forest", abandoned villages where all houses were buried in the ground and the ghost town of Pripyat fenced with barbed wire – life stopped there in 1986.

There is a notorious center of culture with the radioactive posters of leaders of the USSR in Pripyat. There is a playground with the dead toys there. Time after time you will see a sign of red clover in a yellow triangle. That is the de facto symbol of Chornobyl ... You have that strange kind of feeling of unreality, a kind of involvement in the reality show. And there is everyday life there too. You will see some staff in the station. That is the way life goes on in Chornobyl. There you have the real life next to the world of ghosts. You are at the point "H", where time is compressed and stopped forever. Everything has been changed in the result of the April blast. 

We will visit the office of the Chornobylinterinform state agency. There you can get a complete and accurate information about the liquidation of the sequences of the Chornobyl disaster. You will be told about the level of contamination of the area. You will hear some plans for future. And of course you will know what legends about the exclusion zone are the real things and what legends are just the fruit of idle fictions. 

We will enter the inner exclusion zone through the Leliv Check Post. We will have a stop in order to take pictures of the notorious Reacter No 4. You will be in 100 meters distance from the main object in the exclusion zone.  

After visiting the ghost town of Pripyat you will go to Chornobyl. Chornobyl is the ancient town that has become a menacing symbol of technological disaster of modern times. You will see the glory park, the memorial to liquidators, some types of equipment used in the period of liquidation of the sequences of Chornobyl catastrophe. 




Transfer from Kiev to Chornobyl.



Drive to Dityatky Check Post. Entering the 30-km Exclusion Zone.



Arrival to Chornobyl. Meeting with the leadership of "Chornobylinterinform" Agency. You will be told about exclusion zone and life in Chornobyl.



On the way to Power Plant we pass 10-km zone border and check point. Making a stop at the cooling channel to feed the fish (cat fish) if it is warm. Sightseeing of reactor No 4(from 100 m. distance). Visit to Pripyat. Sightseeing in "ghost town" (hotel, school, ferries wheel, swimming pool, etc). Stop near the "Red forest".



Sightseeing in town of Chornobyl (St. Elias’ Church, river port and Park of Glory)



Ecologically safe lunch in "Chornobylinterinform" Agency.



Passage through Dityatky Check Point. Measuring of radiation. Going back to Kiev



Arrival to Kiev 

If you want to go on the Chernobyl trip, please, send us the following information: Full name as it appears in your passport, Passport number, Date of birth, Nationality, Preferred travel date, Contact phone number.

Individual Tours to Chernobyl. If you want to book Individual Chernobyl Tour, please send a request via e-mail: or call or SMS to +38(096)94-00000.


Here is some useful information:

  • It is a full day trip.
  • We usually start our Chornobyl tour at 09 a.m.
  • You go to Chornobyl by a comfortable vehicle.
  • The cost includes: entrance permission to the exclusion zone, transportation, guide/escort service on the route, group insurance, entrance fees. Extra: lunch.
  • No visitors under 18 years old allowed.
  • No passport - No Go.   



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Trip to Chernobyl, Pripyat.


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