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Goverla, the highest mountain and geographic point of Ukraine, the Carpatians
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Goverla, the highest mountain and geographic point of Ukraine, the Carpatians
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > The Treasures of Chernigov


Boris’ and Gleb’s Cathedral in Chernigov

Interior decoration in Boris’ and Gleb’s Cathedral in Chernigov Holy Trinity-St. Elias’ Church in Chernigov.

 In Middle Ages Chernigov was the capital of the ancient principality. It was known as the former rival of Kiev. Chernigov is a cozy, poetic town. There is a lot of old architecture in Chernigov. Chernigov is about 14 centuries old town.

There is graffiti on the stone in some ancient Chernigov church. The graffiti was made at the beginning of the tenth century. The period of flourishing of Chernigov was in the 11th century. There are many interesting monuments of church and civil architecture in Chernigov.

There are many Old Russian temples in Chernigov. Their number is almost the same as in Kiev! Chernigov old caves were founded by St. Anthony who came to Chernigov from Kiev.  Saint Anthony is venerated as the founder of Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery.

We will see the Old Russian fort (Val) with the complex of mighty fortifications, the Transfiguration Cathedral (1037), Boris’ and Gleb’s Cathedral (1123-30), St. Catherine’s Church and the first in Ukraine monument to Ivan Mazepa (2009). We will admire the restored Old Russian St. Paraskeva’s church. We will visit Boldin hills. There we will see the mounds connected with epic times (including the alleged tomb of the legendary warrior called Svyatogor), memorials of the World War II, Saint Elias’ monastery and the Dormition monastery. The great Ukrainian writer Kotsyubinsky was buried there. There are tombs of members of noble Ukrainian families on the Boldin hills. There is for example the Miloradoviches’ family tomb there. We will climb the bell tower of the Dormition monastery in order to enjoy the panoramic view over the town and its surroundings. We are to visit Anthony’s caves. That’s the ancient cave monastery inhabited by the "Black Monk" ghost. That kind of a phenomenon was mentioned by archaeologists and tourists for the first time in 1970s!


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Holy Trinity-St. Elias’ Monastery in Chernigov

Oleksiy Rozumovsky and Russian Empress Elizabeth

Detail of the iconostasis in the church located in Kozelets in Chernigov region

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The Treasures of Chernigov


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