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The cadets’ grove near Karavayev’s summer cottages at the beginning of the 20th century. Kiev
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The cadets’ grove near Karavayev’s summer cottages at the beginning of the 20th  century. Kiev
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > Along the Cossacks’ roads of Boguslav area


Photo1. Marusya Boguslavka, Painting by M.G. Doregus, 1947, and a monument to Marusya.

Photo 2. Ros River near town of Boguslav in Kiev region

Photo3. Maria Vilinskaya (Marko Vovchok)

The original name of the town was Boguslavl. The town was founded more than a thousand years ago. Boguslav is located in the luxuriant forests. River Ros flows there rapidly through its rocky banks. Boguslav is situated in a distance of 125 km from Kiev. The town is famous ... by two Maries and one Ivan. 

The first of two mentioned Maries is Marusya Boguslavka. Marusya Boguslavka is the legendary personality in Ukraine. She is the very popular character of the legends about cunning and courageous Ukrainian women. There are many folk ballads about Marusya Boguslavka. Some of them were composed about 600 years ago. According to one of folk ballads there was a Church of Intercession in Boguslav. The priest of that church had a daughter. 

The area was under constant Tatar raids. During one of those raids Marusya was taken prisoner. And she was sold to some Turkish pashas, who later fell in love with her and trust her in everything. He used to give Marusya the keys of the prison. That was the prison where captive Cossacks were kept. According to legend Marusya Boguslavka set free some seven hundred Cossacks from Turkish slavery. But she stayed in the land of Turkey so far because her children lived there. Now the monument to Marusya Boguslavka has been erected on the former site of the Church of Intercession and the alleged house of Marusya as it is considered the birthplace of the legendary girl. 

Maria Vilinskaya is the second important Mary in the history of Boguslav. She is more known under the male penname  Marko Vovchok (1833-1907). Maria Vilinskaya is a well-known Ukrainian writer, translator and folklorist. Jules Verne was proud to be on friendly relations with her. Pisarev, Panteleimon Kulish and Turgenev fell in love with her. Maria Vilinskaya lived in Boguslav in the period of 1885-1891. She always admired the beauty of Ros River banks.  Maria Vilinskaya admired the spirit of the old Cossacks’ province too. That was the dream of hers to visit Boguslav again when she stayed in the distant Saratov, where she lived with her husband. Maria was ready to exchange all of the Volga nature for the "single sprig of thyme, growing over Ros River”. Now there is the museum of this writer in Boguslav. 

Ivan that has been mentioned is an artist Ivan Soshenko (1807-1876). Ivan Soshenko helped to free Shevchenko out of serfdom. Soshenko spent his childhood in Boguslav. Now there is a museum dedicated to his life and work as an artist.  

But speaking about Boguslav you must also mention Pushkin, Nechuy-Levitsky, Shevchenko, Gogol and Shalom Aleichem. They all visited the town or lived in Boguslav. The designer of the first turbojet engine Arkhip Lyulka was born in the vicinity of Boguslav. There is the interestingly decorated local history museum in the town. It was designed by enthusiastic local historian Boris Levchenko. Such interesting internal spatial layout of the museum display is hard to find anywhere else in Ukraine. 

After admiring the amazing Ros River banks you will go to village of Pustovity. Historian Vladimir Antonovich excavated some ancient mounds there. Thus he founded the Ukrainian archaeology. In the village you will be surprised to find a hundred years old working windmill. It was set up by local craftsmen in the same style windmills were set in Holland.


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Photo4. In the neighbourhood of Boguslav.

Photo5. Ivan Soshenko  Photo6. Holy Trinity Church in the center of Boguslav

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Along the Cossacks’ roads of Boguslav area


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