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Botanical Gardens and Vydubychi Monastery 11 - 19 century., Dnipro River. Kiev, 2009
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Botanical Gardens and Vydubychi Monastery 11 - 19 century., Dnipro River. Kiev, 2009
Thursday, 20 January 2022


One day trip > Horseback riding

 Photo1. Rock Paintings in Altamira cave in Spain. About 15000-10000 B.C.

Photo2. Amazon image on the vase by Polignot

 Photo3. Female Rider by Edouard Monet,1875

Eventually our history was created by horses and human beings. Horses and human beings worked the land, built houses and sold things, traveled and fought. That was the mode of life for thousands of years. As the result of technological advances a horse - a man tandem has been separated only recently. And almost immediately it has been clear that people driving cars, being squeezed in public transport or sandwiched within the walls of their offices long for horses as their proven, reliable partners and friends. It is no big wonder as too much has been experienced for tens of centuries of their joint activities. And what about children growing up and seeing horses only in a book or a circus?! That is why we stand for the Call of the Wild. Well let’s mount! 

Equestrian sport and horseback riding will be very popular always. Even a new trend in medicine known as hippotherapy (from the Greek "Hippos" - a horse) has been founded. Hippotherapy is useful for children and adults during trauma and psychological rehabilitation. 

A horse is a sensitive animal. Neither lordly arrogance nor cowardice are permitted. A horse will not allow you to come near without getting acquainted first. Probably the moment you realize that riding means the desired freedom and you and your horse understand each other almost without words and the reins are used only for little control only then you have a feeling of unity with your ancestors who used to spent several hours a day with horses. And that was the style for years. If the feeling like that pops up somewhere from the depths of your conscience then a conventional thing like one day trip is appreciated as real joy, discovery and unsurpassed tangle of emotions. And you feel it even more acute than your ancestors because they used to ride horses every day whereas we as the stone jungle people can feel all the emotions about horseback riding to the fullest extend.

Only horses and dolphins are able to feed people with positive energy. So we invite you to have horseback riding!

It is very important for a beginner to get in contact with a horse and follow the rules of contacting animals strictly. The course of riding for beginners is at least 20-30 hours long course. First you practice on the parade ground or in the arena, and only later you practice in nature along valleys and hills.

If you ride you enjoy a beneficial effect on your circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. Your heart and lungs are not overloaded. All the major muscle groups of your body work when you ride. This happens on the reflex level, as riding a horse you try to keep balance instinctively. Thereby you encourage the active work of all the muscles of your body including your clenched, sick muscles. The growth of function of vegetative nervous system is observed. The intense heat that is transferred to you from your horse activates your blood circulation. In addition these good creatures influence upon your psyche in some good way charging you with their positive energy. It is also believed that regular riding lessons are very useful for people unsure of themselves, as riding is a way of improving your self-esteem. 

Make your choice among the best equestrian bases and clubs in proper Kiev and in Kiev surrounding neighborhoods! It will our pleasure to help you. 


Photo4. Dressage by Edmund Tarbell., 1903

 Photo5. Old postcard

 Photo6. A Chat with His Lordship by  Heywood Hardy 

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Horseback riding


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