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The general view of the Lavra at the beginning of the 20th century. Kiev
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The general view of the Lavra at the beginning of the 20th  century. Kiev
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > Sofiyivka Park, the Monument to The Power of Love




Photo 1. Sofiyivka Park, Uman Photo 2. Sophie de Vitt Photo 3. Snake fountain
The state landscape park of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Uman is the masterpiece of landscape art. It is called Sofievka. Sofievka  Park was founded at the end of the 18th century. The park is 400 acres big park. The area of the park is rich with water, greenery, sculptures and masterpieces of architecture. 
Any one is amazed with Sofievka Park. There is the same stunning harmony you feel in the style of the Japanese gardens and the best standards of the European landscape design. The harmony is reached with the astounding combination of stone, vegetation and water. It is so hard to grasp the idea that all that beauty is created by human beings! Any stone, grotto, brook and glade are used as some special symbol based on myths and legends of ancient Greece.
The park was founded by the rich Polish magnate Felix Potocki in 1796. Sofievka was founded in honor of Potocki’s wife. His wife was a beautiful woman. She was Greek by her origin. Her name was Sophie. Sofievka park was given to Sofia as a birthday present in 1802. The love story of Felix and Sophie is intriguing. Sophie was known all over Europe as a very romantic beautiful woman. But the rumors about Sophie were very numerous too. Nevertheless Count Potocki loved Sophie passionately. He was enchanted by his sweet heart. So Sofievka park was a miracle created with Potocki’s passion towards Sophie as well as with the hard labor of gardeners, architects and thousands of Potocki’s peasants.
During the tour you will learn many interesting and fascinating things about personalities of Felix Potocki and Sophie de Witt. But first of all you will walk along the park the beauty of which is impossible to describe. It is a must to feel, to see, to realize and to absorb it.
The park was developed after the death of its founders too. In the middle of the 19th century it was called Tzar’s garden. The architect from St. Petersburg Stankenschneider worked there many years. Stankenschneider is known as the author of the project of one of the buildings of the Hermitage. He built many mansions and temples in the Russian empire. The best period in the history of the park was connected with Stankenschneider. Many structures were constructed at that time including the main entrance gate and the main alley. The first paved street in Uman was laid down from the park to the proper town. The street was called Sadovaya meaning Garden Street in Russian. The Potocki’s epoch was complemented with Stankenschneider’s epoch in the history of the park. At that time the landscape park was given the modern forms.
In 1859 the park was transferred under control of Main gardening school as the school was moved from Odessa to Uman. The park was used as the educational base of school. Many new species were introduced.  The English park was set on the area of about 10 acres. Some rare species were planted there.
Sofievka is well known all over the world. The Uman miracle is known in the Universe too. In 1984 a minor № 2259 planet  that had been discovered by the Soviet astronomer Burnasheva on June, 19, 1971 was named Sofievka after the landscape park in Uman.
 In 1995 Sofievka Park was rewarded the special prize at the Europa Nostra International competition.


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Photo 4. Central ride Photo 5. Pink Pavilion Photo 6. Flora Pavilion




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Sofiyivka Park, the Monument to The Power of Love


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