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Dneprogess, the symbol and pride of Zaporizhya
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Dneprogess, the symbol and pride of Zaporizhya
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > Cossacks’ Ukraine Glory Sites: Chigirin - Subbotov - Kholodny Yar


 Photo 1. St. Elias’ Church (1653) in Subbotov.

 Photo 2. Bogdan Zinovy Khmelnitsky, (December 27, 1595, Subbotov - 4 (16) August 1657, Chigirin)

 Photo 3. Holy Trinity Church (1804) in Matroninsky monastery, village of Melniki. 

Cossacks’ movement was founded in those places over the Dnieper River. Chigirin is located there. It was the first capital of Cossacks. Chigirin was the capital of Bogdan Khmelnitsky’s state.

The quiet town called Subbotov is located there too. The estate and the grave of the great leader of Ukraine Bogdan Khmelnitsky is situated there. Kholodny Yar is one of the most unique landscapes in Ukraine. There are many historical and cultural sites there. Probably this is the site where a giant meteorite fell. The history of Kholodny Yar area is full of historical mysteries, dramas and tragedies. 

Kholodny Yar is the area where you can find every possible type of forest-steppe landscape of Ukraine. This is a site associated with the grandeur of recalcitrant Cossacks’ spirit. There the legendary Koliivschina uprising was started. here until the early 1920's Holodnoyarskaya peasant republic was established there. The supporters of Holodnoyarskaya peasant republic fought against Bolsheviks until 1920s. 

During the trip you will see Zaliznyak’s Oak, Motroninsky monastery and the monument to Kholodny Yar partisans. This area is under Ukrainian state protection as a natural preserve. Some scientists believe that a giant asteroid hit the ground there many years ago and a quaint crater gully was created then. This is the site of striking beauty. Some dozens of 300-500-year-old oaks, 250-year-old nuts, wild 100-year-old pears and cherries can be found in the ravine. Here people live longer than anywhere else. There are real witnesses of events connected with the legendary "Holodnoyarskaya republic» in 1920s.


Here is some useful information: 

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 Photo 4. A little green house in Davydovych’s estate in Kamenka.

Photo 5. Grotto in Davydovych’s estate in Kamenka.

Photo 6. Zaliznyak’s oak in Buda.

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Cossacks’ Ukraine Glory Sites: Chigirin - Subbotov - Kholodny Yar


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