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Sidorov town, Castle of 17 century. Ternopil region.
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Sidorov town, Castle of 17 century. Ternopil region.
Thursday, 20 January 2022


One day trip > You will be met by Ukrainian tradition: Mr. Savka`s Hut


This oldest house in Kiev region, which is over 300 years old, is the live ethnographic Museum. It’s alive because it is not just museum exposition, but a house where a real Ukrainian family lives and welcomes guests. The owners of this unusual isolated homestead meet guests in national costumes, with bread and salt, treat them to food made by hand without using modern kitchen devices. You get into atmosphere of real Ukrainian country mode of life, to be more exact, the mode of life of Poleshchuki – people, who live in Ukrainian Polesye in the North of Ukraine. That’s the way Ukrainians lived in isolated homesteads half a century ago. In Mr. Savka`s hut you can immerge into real, not cinema-affected life of an old Polesye village.

There is not a single exhibit hidden under glass or fenced off by string. On the contrary, each object can be tried in action. Pitchfork and rake, hammers and flails, mortars and scales, axes and tuns have been gathered in the Museum homestead. All these pots and jugs, bowls and cups were made of clay more than a hundred years ago. One can work at a loom or a joiner’s machine, at spinning wheel and with a potter’s wheel and, finally, try oneself in the hard work of a blacksmith.

The walls of the hut are made of genuine 3 hundred-year-old tree. The signature on the beams indicates the date precisely – 1786. There is another hut nearby. It is half a century younger, built in 1850th. And it is not just a hut, but a whole farmstead, brought from Zhitomirshchina
and opened for visiting in autumn of 2009. That’s the way Savka`s homestead was founded, this festive ethnographic Museum with cordial hosts, where traditions and customs of bygone days have been renewed. At a board table, under sacred images decorated with towels, guests are treated to dishes cooked by old recipes. Borsch with pampushkas, pastry, watermelon porridge, curd dumplings – with cheese, cabbage, poppy seed. There is more: a drink made of dried fruit and fruit liqueur of raspberries, plum, blackthorn. In can’t be described, it should be tasted. The hosts guarantee full authenticity of recipes and ecological purity of products. There is an ordinary stove, “makitras” of different sizes, pots and jugs in the kitchen, millstone for threshing wheat, mortars – for millet. Onion and garlic, tied up in a plait, spicy forest herbage are fixed on the walls.

You can see how an old smithery with bilocular bellows works, how linen is soaked in ashes and washed in the river, beaten with “prach”, how linen and hemp sewing is spun.

Mr. Savka shows how to sharpen a scythe, how to knead clay or shoe a horse. His cozy inn includes apiary, a well, a cellar with food, where liqueurs and tinctures of miracle strength wait in the wings.

Mr. Savka`s Museum homestead was founded in 2004, when the host decided to restore the old house he had bought. At this moment it turned out that he owned genuine rarity: it was hardly possible to find such old huts in village of the country. Restoration of this house gave start to the host’s passion for people’s culture and mode of life. Now the friendly team of the family homestead own one of the most popular place of interest in the spirit of “green”, ethnographic tourism and keep enlarging their collection. And not just enlarge, but give new life to things, instruments, recipes, ceremonies.

Mr. Savka`s guests will see a three hours` long event, which includes: welcoming ceremony with bread and salt, demonstration of old useful arts, blacksmithing, pottering, weaving an so on); story-presentation about the closest in time holiday of people’s calendar.

And, naturally, food and drinks won’t be found waiting!


Organizational issues:

  • Duration of the excursion – 6 hours
  • Type of transport – bus

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You will be met by Ukrainian tradition: Mr. Savka`s Hut


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