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Transfiguration Monastery in Novgorod-Siversky in Chernigiv region
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Transfiguration Monastery in Novgorod-Siversky in Chernigiv region
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > The roads of Siverskaya land: Novgorod-Severskiy, Glukhov, Putivl, Baturin


Novgorod – Severskiy, Spas – Transfiguration Monastery, 18th century

Lamentations of Yaroslav daughter (V.A. Favorskiy)

Putivl, Molchanskiy Monastery – Fortress, 16 – 19 centuries. 

The Siverskaya land is ancient. “Sivershina” is actually the north-western corner of Ukraine. Concentration of historical, cultural and architectural monuments is exceptionally high here. This land, located on the frontier of Ukrainian and Russian cultures and saturated with Cossacks glory and piety, became one of the most attractive tourist regions in Ukraine. 

Novgorod-Severskiy is the capital of the region. The huge Spas- Transfiguration Monastery is one of the biggest in Ukraine. It is an interesting museum, full of archeological foundings and, at the same time, it is fortification construction and a huge Cathedral of 1796, and tangled combinations of underground tunnels. Prince Igor started for his unlucky march here, from Zamkovaya Mountain. Triumphal Arch at the entrance to the city reminds of visit of Ekaterina 2.

Glukhov, which was the capital of Ukraine in 1708 – 1782, is one of the richest in places of interest cities of Getmanshina. Kiev Fortress Gates, Nikolaevskaya and Spas –Transfiguration churches were built at that period, the ramparts of Glukhov Fortress preserved their original look. The city had its second birth when it became the residence of sugar magnates of 19th century - the family of Tereshenko. Observation deck of the water tower, which reminds a huge mace in shape, enables to see the whole city: constructions of the Palace, of Tereshenko Bank, Teacher-Training Institute, gymnasium, farmstead house of Kochubey family, monuments to composers Bortnyanskiy and Berezovskiy, who were born in this city.

PutivlAccording to “The Lay of Igor`s Warfare”, Princess Yaroslavna cried on the walls of Putivl, waiting for her husband to return from Polovtsian captivity. In the center there rises Gorodok Hill, on which the Prince’s Fortress is situated (foundation of Rapture Temple of Prince Igor’s times has been found there). A park, viewing ground, monument to Princes Yaroslavna are located on the hill now. Molchanskiy Monastery-Fortress (16-19th centuries) is on the nearby riverside hill. The Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin Mary (1575 – 1585) dominates in the complex. Among other places of interest in Putivl we should mention Spas-Transfiguration Cathedral (18th century) with wonderful five-level carved iconostasis and silver church chandelier, gifted by Peter 1.

On our way back we visit Baturin – the revived capital of three Hetmans. The reconstructed Fortress and restored Palace of Razumovskiy are the main places of interest in the city. Museums of Baturin are equipped according to European standards.


Dmitriy Stepanovich Bortnyanskiy Putivl (N.K. Rerikh)

Maxim Sozonovich Berezovskiy

Organizational issues:

  • Duration of the excursion is 2 days.
  • The cost includes: traveling expenses, excursion services on the route, group insurance, entrance tickets. 


Novgorod-Severskiy, Spas-Transfiguration Monastery (18th century). Portrait of Empress Ekaterina 2, 1780, by unknown painter. The Desna River near Novgorod-Severskiy during spring flood.

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The roads of Siverskaya land: Novgorod-Severskiy, Glukhov, Putivl, Baturin


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