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Ukrayinka, Dnieper River, view of the Tripillya. Kyiv region
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Ukrayinka, Dnieper River, view of the Tripillya.  Kyiv region
Wednesday, 19 January 2022


One day trip > Field Trip to Ostrich Farm

Little Sonya is for the first time at the ostrich farm in Yasnogorodka, Kiev region.   

Little ostrich, Yasnohorodka, Kiev region

Nanny-goats in the mini-zoo at the ostrich farm, Yasnohorodka, Kiev region.

 If you make your trip to Yasnogorodka (Yasnogorodka is a little village founded in the 16th century) you will learn about Byelgorod kissel (kissel is a kind of starchy jelly), you will see many ostriches starting with younglings in the incubator and ending with big ostriches.

If you wish you can eat diet courses made of ostrich meat and eggs. Visiting Ostrich Farm in Yasnogorodka (that was one of the first ostrich farms founded in Ukraine) you will have fun. And it does not matter if you are children or adults.

There are some special sites for kids at the farm. Kids spend a lot of time at children's playground and mini-zoo.

A lot of fun, fresh air and personal contact with your child – really you need all these things if you plan a good holiday for the whole family!  After having a half-hour excursion over the ostrich farm we recommend you to taste ostrich broth. You can taste an ostrich pie too.

Please pay attention that your kids have warm clothes and comfortable shoes if you go for a trip! 



Here is some useful information:

  • Our tour is 4 hours long tour.
  • Transportation, guide service on the route, group insurance, entrance fees are included in the price you pay
  • You can order your private tour any time. We can provide you with transportation service too. There are 2, 5, 17, 22, 30 and 45 pax vehicles in our company. 


Cavy in the mini-zoo in Yasnogorodka, Kiev region.

Peacock in the mini-zoo in Yasnogorodka, Kiev region.

Little ostriches, Yasnohorodka, Kiev region.

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Field Trip to Ostrich Farm


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